Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Mistakes –

Super Targeting Amazon Affiliate Marketing Course is the second book in a series of personal training lessons that were written for my loyal customers.

There are a lot of very interesting and helpful lessons in this volume that will teach you some of the things NOT to do with Amazon affiliate websites. You will also learn how to optimize your websites and affiliate promotions for better results, which simply means more money in your pocket each month.

It is very useful course how not to make afiiliate marketing mistakes.

Lesson 1
Internet Marketing Sense – Forward Thinking in Affiliate Marketing

Lesson 2
Taking Constructive Criticism as an Internet Marketer

Lesson 3
Broke? Try a Frugal Approach to Affiliate Marketing

Lesson 4
New Year’s Resolutions for Online Affiliate Marketers

Lesson 5
Avoiding Trademark Infringement as an Amazon Affiliate

Lesson 6
Diagnose and Correct Search Engine Ranking Problems with Amazon Affiliate Websites

Lesson 7
What Types of Products do People Buy Online and Why?

Lesson 8
Creative Amazon Affiliate Advertising

Lesson 9
Find the Best Deal in Your Affiliate Niche

Lesson 10
Tax Return Filing Recommendations for Affiliate Marketers

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