Niche Affiliate Marketing & SEO

 SuperTargeting Amazon Affiliate Marketing Success Course- Niche Affiliate Marketing

is the second book in a series of personal training lessons that were written for my loyal customers.

The lessons in this volume teach some of the basics of niche affiliate marketing and some more advanced techniques on search engine optimization (SEO) in business online that will help you bring in more traffic to your websites.

Lesson 1
Learn About Niche Affiliate Marketing

Lesson 2
Making Money Online: Affiliate Commissions vs PPC Earnings

Lesson 3
Tips for Better Conversions with Niche Affiliate Marketing Sites

Lesson 4
The Importance of Using Exact Match .COM Domain Names

Lesson 5
Common Sense SEO Marketing – Intro & Lazy Website Building Practices

Lesson 6
Common Sense SEO Marketing – Modern SEO With Unique Content

Lesson 7
Common Sense SEO Marketing – Niche SEO Targeting & Conclusion

Lesson 8
Niche Affiliate Sites: To Review Or Not To Review?

Lesson 9
A Real “Secret” of Affiliate Marketing

Lesson 10
Exploring New Affiliate Marketing Niches

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